Against the demolition of the Schützenhofbunker in Münster

28.02.2012 17:03

Just like every other band, Treibsand needs a place to prepare for concerts. Ours is currently endangered and not only for us, but also thirty other bands from Munster. Our rehearsal room in the old "Schützenhofbunker" is planned to be sold by the April 1st 2012. The proprietor, an institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as representatives of the city council wish for it to be demolished and replaced by residential buildings.

This prospect is endangering the very existence of the bands working there. Without suitable place to rehearse no songs can be written, no sets can be practised and no music can be made. Alternatives in the local area are at best insufficient if not inexistant.

A constantly growing group of tenants of the bunker, amongst them us, is exerting pressure on the issue. You can assist us if you sign tne online-petition for the preservation of the Schützenhofbunker in Munster, that you can find here:

Thank you. We'll keep you posted.

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