Treibsand is an Electro-Gothrock Band from Munster, Germany, born in 2004 as a soloproject by Yann Mirnoir.

While its roots lie mainly in modern Darkwave, over the years the style has changed drastically along with the line-up. Since 2010, Treibsand features two guitars, piano and acoustic drums, outlined by a progressive and athmospheric touch. The product of seven years band history and growth is a symbiosis of guitar-focused rock, multi-layered soundscapes and intoxicating choruses, yet remaining danceable and rousing.

What started in a dark and lonely homestudio is now a gathering of dynamic individuals with the clear ambition of reaching as many people and stages as possible with their music.


Foundation :: 2004
Place :: Munster, Germany


Daniel :: Drums
Reinhardt :: Guitar & Noise
Yann :: Voice & Synth