19.04.2011 23:05

Some might have wondered, what's been going on with Treibsand. Currently, we spend most of our bandtime with rehearsing, but also with applying for various festivals in the summer. We hope to take as many as we can in, so that as many people as possible can experience our music.

If you happen to know a festival around your place that we should check out, drop us a line! Our eMail-address is kontakt@im-treibsand.net. Many thanks!

thanks munster

03.02.2011 18:05

The hard work of our past few months paid off. Last Saturday's concert with Leichtmatrose was big fun for us, thanks to a great audience and perfect surrounding at Gleis 22. That's how concerts should be! Julia Bannenberg and Nathalie Dettmer took some pictures that we are currently checking on and hope to bring you soon. A review worth reading (in German, though) can be found at Sparklingphotos.

Thanks to all of you who've been there and supported us. We greatly appreciate that and hope to see you again soon!

Brand new sound online

24.11.2010 17:40

The sound of Treibsand has changed a lot over the past year. Since we're aiming for the stage it is only fair that you get an impresson of what to expect in advance. That's why we've just uploaded two brand new re-recordings of the songs "eXile" and "the Famine". We're working hard on bringing all the other songs, that of course remain a part of us, up to that high-polished state. For now, enjoy the new sound - and please tell us what you think about it! You find them on every relevant platform: our official website, MySpace, Facebook and LastFM.

to the new songs

Too good to be true: Treibsand LIVE in 2011

05.11.2010 21:29

Finally - the wait is over! Our next concert is confirmed. So mark a red-letter day on Saturday, 29th of January 2011 and make sure you're at the Gleis 22 in Munster on time!

Now we can also unveil who we're going to celebrate with: Treibsand will be playing the stage together with "Leichtmatrose" from Munster / Hamburg. He hasn't been around for almost as long as we. And he gave away the little secret that - apart from noted songs from his well received top 10-DAC album "Gestrandet" - there will be new material to perform.

We're counting on you. More information coming soon!

Treibsand in German

27.09.2010 17:08

We've reached real multi-language-support. From now on you can view this site in German via the flag on the right.